PerformaLUX 4 ft Wet Certified IP65 Vaportight LED Utility Light

PerformaLUX® Wet Certified IP65 Utility Lights

PerformaLUX Wet certified LED lights are made to endure the elements and provide high quality light in outdoor and damp situations. 

PerformaLUX™ fixtures lights bring the latest solid-state Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology into the mainstream. PerformaLUX™ LED utility
shop lights reduce electricity consumption and heat by 80% to 90% over conventional incandescent and halogen lamps.  LEDs also can save 50% to 60% compared to traditional fluorescent lights.  With a rated lifetime of 50,000 hours, PerformaLUX™ LED lamps last 30 to 50 times longer than traditional light bulbs. PerformaLUX™ is perfect for garages, workshops, industrial workstations, storage rooms, equipment rooms and other close task and large area lighting requirements.

PerformaLUX™ LED lamps provide pure, high output light with extraordinary efficiency.  Solid-into more visible light instead of heat which provides the added benefit of reducing air conditioning costs.  Furthermore, LED’s inherent directional beam focuses more light downward, eliminating the 10-15% light loss from traditional fluorescent reflectors.  PerformaLUX™ outperforms fluorescent in light quality, light pattern, and energy efficiency.

PerformaLUX™ LED lights come in color temperatures of 4000˚K (Warm White) for general lighting environments, and 6000˚K (Daylight
White) for retail, detailed work, and task areas where greater visibility and color accuracy are important.

 PerformaLUX™ Features


  • IP 65 rated fixture is ideal for indoor and outdoor
    locations with damp conditions
  • High Lumen output easily outperforms traditional
    fluorescent fixtures
  • Rated 50,000 hour L70 lifetime
  • Replaceable Drivers and LED strips with quick-fit
    wire connectors
  • Choose from 4000˚K (Warm) or 6000˚K (Daylight) color temperature
  • Constant Current (CC)LED driver design regulates
    LED current to assure maximum life and lumen output
  • Long-Life silicone gaskets for dry components for
    years to come
  • Integrated Thermal Management ™ design reduces LED
    heat buildup
  • The most cost effective fluorescent replacement LED
    technology on the market today.
  • Replaceable, external LED drivers
  • Open Plenum and Greenfield connector ready


for durability, serviceability, and long life, PerformaLUX™ products feature
the little details that make a big difference in quality such as quick-fit wire
connectors and external replaceable LED drivers.

PerformaLUX™ LED Lighting Fixtures…

Lighting for Everyday Living.

  • Item #: SLWP-4L-GAM

PerformaLUX 4 ft Wet Certified IP65 Vaportight LED Utility Light

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